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617 West Seventh Street
617 West Seventh Street Extension
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Alliance Headquarters
Braemar Country Club
Bernard's Restaurant
Bjorn Eyewear 1 + 2
CIM Wilshire
GSA E Schwartz Fed Building Staircase
GSA Roybal Jury Room
Historic Breakers Hotel
Hollywood and Highland
Jefferson High School Cafeteria Remodel
Offices for C.W. Driver- Irvine
Offices for Visages, rps
Red Bull
Renaissance Hotel Fitness Center
Roll 7th Floor Lobby
Roll 7th Floor & Legal Offices
Roll-The Orchard
Santa Monica Place- Ugo Café
Sky Room North
Tamara Las Vegas

tamara Rendered View of Entrance
tamaraRendered View of Retail Entrance
tamara Rendered View of Retail- Lobby Space
tamaraRendered View of Retail- Lobby Space
tamaraRendered View of Show Space
tamaraRendered View of Show Space

Successfully performed in Los Angeles, New York and Europe, the newly remounted “Tamara” theater experience will be presented once again at the world renowned Venetian Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The Tamara drama unfolds, in its tradition of interactive theatre, within the Canal Shops environment of the Venetian. The actors interact with members of the audience and guide play patrons from the streets and canals of Venice into the upper level theatre via pre-show experience in a ground floor shop of Tamara’s memorabilia. TFO Architecture provided architectural design for the 2-level project, including the first floor pre-show and retail area and the show space on the upper level. TFO worked with production designers, show producers and retail merchandising experts in order to create a seamless transition between the shopping environment and the 1930’s Fascist Italian Tamara palazzo of the show space.

TFO Architecture: Design Architect and Architect of Record
Andrew Jackness: Scenic Design